Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm back!

So, I'm back!

I have had wedding on the brain all day! I decided to start working on the music today. I listened to TONS of songs on the internet and tried to decide what I wanted to walk in to and yada yada yada.... well some where along the way, my emotions got the best of me and I got all teary eyed! We will have our first dance to "I can't help falling in love" By: Elvis! I just LOVE Elvis and this song is so wonderful! I think I actually heard the idea from Sierra- she told me I could steal it though :-) Anyways, just listening to that song got to me. I am just so excited. What a beautiful wedding this is going to be. I am so thankful for everyone that has gone to great lengths to make sure this is a perfect day. It's more than I ever thought I would have. Sometimes I just want to pinch myself! But I think it's finally hitting me and I couldn't be happier. I love Jason with everything I have in me and nothing has ever felt more right. I KNOW this is where I am supposed to be.... beside him, forever. Sorry, I'm all sappy :-) I am just truly blessed.

14 days <3

The future... Mrs. Erin Spicer :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New at this

Well, I have NO idea if I will have time to keep up with this. There could be a chance that I never log on again lol BUT I was inspired by a long time friend on Facebook to start this. I love reading her blog and I thought... might as well. Maybe someone will enjoy reading mine too.

I am off work today and am waiting on the soon-to-be hubby to get home. I am about to start making dinner for him. This is something that I am working on. I am not a big cook. I love to do it, just haven't done much of it lol. But I figure I will master it with time. Anyways- the wedding is 18 days away and there is still lots to do! Not to mention, that our honeymoon is booked and paid for, but now we have to find somewhere else to go because of this darn oil spill! Grrrrr! We are thinking about switching from Gulf Shores to Myrtle Beach. Vegas was my first choice but I guess the beach is nice too LOL

Still waiting to hear about the job I interviewed for. It should be any day now....
I haven't interviewed anywhere else because I really want to work at this school. It's kinda scary though.... I FINALLY graduated college and now here I am just worrying about if I will get a job or not. Oh, but life is great! :-)

Well, that is all for now. We'll see if I ever write again...

Thanks Keshia for inspiring me! I look up to you in more ways than one. You have a gorgeous family and a steady head on your shoulders. I always keep up with you through Facebook and such. It brings me great joy to see you so happy and inspires me to be a better person. One day maybe we'll come to Vegas and visit! LOL